All scores are claimed scores unless otherwise noted. January: ARRL RTTY Round Up (Final Score) QSO’s: 771 Mult’s: 80 Score: 60,880 Op Time: 15 Hrs Comment: Fell short of my scores from the previous three years, but still took first place in the SOLP category for Indiana, the fourth year in a row. January: NAQP CW QSO’s: 704 Mult’s: 138 Score: 97,152 Op Time: 10 Hrs Comment: My highest QSO total ever for the NAQP. One day I will break the 100K point barrier for this contest. January: NAQP Phone (Final Score) QSO’s: 174 Mult’s: 75 Score: 13,050 Op Time: 4 Hrs Comment: Operation limited to daylight hours so I missed the high rate hours typically seen later in the test. January: BARTG Sprint QSO’s: 89 Mult’s: 31 Score: 9,612 Op Time: 3 Hrs Comment: Just horsing around, did not submit log. February: NAQP RTTY (Final Score) QSO’s: 512 Mult’s: 139 Score: 71,168 Op Time: 8 Hrs Comment: First place for the Indiana Section! SMC Team 2 also finished second in team competition. March: Wisconsin QSO Party (Final Score) QSO’s: 128 Mult’s: 50 Score: 16,575 Op Time: 4 Hrs Comment: I like to support the fellow 9-land QSO parties. Had the top score from Indiana. . April: Michigan QSO Party (Final Score) QSO’s: 30 Mult’s: 26 Score: 1,248 Op Time: 2 Hrs Comment: Testing a low, portable dipole that I hope to use while operating portable in the Indiana QSO Party. May: Indiana QSO Party (Final Score) QSO’s: 387 Mult’s: 150 Score: 91,550 Op Time: 11.5 Hrs Comment: First place for single op, low power. The new antenna tested during the MIQP worked FB. More QSO’s, more mults, and a 50% score increase from 2010. The log was also submitted for the 7QP and NEQP. May: 7th Call Area QSO Party (Final Score) QSO’s: 92 Mult’s: 54 Score: 13,068 Op Time: 11.5 Hrs Comment: Run concurrently with the INQP. This effort was good for first place for low power Indiana stations and 12th in the county for the low power, mixed mode non-7 entries. May: New England QSO Party (Final Score) QSO’s: 41 Mult’s: 25 Score: 1,850 Op Time: 11.5 Hrs Comment: Run concurrently with the INQP. June: Field Day, Op at W9LDX (Final Score) QSO’s: 1,650 Score: 5,726 Comment: This score was good enough for 7th place nationally in the 1A category. July: RAC Canada Day (Final Score) QSO’s: 101 Mult’s: 10 Score: 6,580 Comment: First place, World, 40M! July: NAQP RTTY (Final Score) QSO’s: 324 Mult’s: 114 Score: 36,936 Op Time: 7.5 Hrs Comment: Had to shut down for nearly 2 hours due to thunder; fought static crashes for the entire contest. Team SMC #1 took 4th place nationally! August: NAQP CW (Final Score) QSO’s: 234 Mult’s: 94 Score: 21,996 Op Time: 4 Hrs Comment: Had originally planned to go “full bore” in this contest but my enthusiasm flagged early on. September: CQ WW RTTY 40M QSO’s: 222 Mult’s: 90 Score: 29,070 Op Time: ? Comment: Thought I would enter in the 40M category, figuring I had a reasonable chance of snagging the first place certificate for the 9th call district. November: SS CW (Final Score) QSO’s: 680 Mult’s: 77 Score: 104,720 Op Time: 17 Hrs Comment: Broke the 100,000 point barrier for the second year in a row. This score resulted in a third place finish for Indiana SOLP entries. November: SS Phone QSO’s: 335 Mult’s: 80 Score: 53,600 Op Time: 12 Hrs Comment: Wasn’t trying for a sweep, it just happened. December: RAC Winter QSO’s: 142 Mult’s: 13 Score: 12,636 Op Time: 6 Hrs Comment: All QSO’s were on 40M and this was entered as a single band entry. My best score ever as an RAC single band entry.
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2010 Contest Results