K9WX-1 APRS: Automatic Packet Reporting System
I first experimented with APRS in the mid-1990’s, without much success. In fact, you could say I had no success at all. In the spring of 2011 my interest was rekindled after discovering the www.aprs.fi web site. Before too long, I had purchase a couple of APRS capable radios and was leaving tracks wherever I went. See the real-time map at the bottom of this page for current APRS activity around my home QTH. I did an APRS presentation to the Tippecanoe Amateur Radio Association on APRS in October, 2011. You can download a copy of the presentation here: www.k9wx.net/downloads/aprs.pdf Here is my APRS setup for my home station, operating as K9WX-1 which serves is an infill digipeater for western Tippecanoe County. o TNC: Kantronics KPC3+ o Radio: Kenwood TM-281a o APRS Client: APRSIS32 o WX Station: Davis Vantage Pro2 o WX Software: Davis WeatherLink o Antenna: Comet GP-1 vertical, roof mounted with base about 25 feet off the ground o PC: Homebrew with an AMD A6 5400K 3.6 GHz processor and Windows 8.1

APRS activity around my home QTH. Map courtesy of www.aprs.fi (temporarily unavailable).
K9WX Amateur Radio