Radio 1: Elecraft K3 Radio 2: Icom 756ProIII Radio 1 Amplifier: Elecraft KPA500 Radio 1 Tuner: Elecraft KAT500 Antenna 1: Alpha Delta DX-CC at 35 feet Antenna 2: Butternut HF9V Antenna 3: End-fed long wire: Click here for more info Rover Antenna for the INQP: Click here for more info Logging Software, Contest: N1MM+ with MMTTY & 2Tone for RTTY Logging Software, General: DXLab FSK Interface Radio 1: Homebrew a lรก K5ND
Rig Control and FSK Interface Radio 2: RIGblaster Pro Bandpass filters: ICE 419A Band decoder: Top-Ten Devices SO2R Box: DX Doubler Antenna Switch: W0XB Six Pack Keyer: WinKey USB Paddles: Begali Signature Headset: Bose QC25 Mic: Antlion ModMic 4 PC: Homebrew with an Intel Core I5 4570 3.2GHz processor OS: Windows 8.1 Web Page Design: Xara Web Designer 11 Premium
Station Information
The Shack 2017
K9WX Amateur Radio