All scores are claimed scores unless otherwise noted. January: ARRL RTTY Round Up (Final Score) QSO’s: 808 Mult’s: 89 Score: 71,912 Op Time: 16 Hrs Comment: More Q’s and more mults than last year to produce my all-time high score in this contest. The top SOLP entry from Indiana for the 5th straight year. January: NAQP CW QSO’s: 0 Mult’s: 0 Score: Op Time: 0 Hrs Comment: The NAQP CW is my favorite CW contest and I typically make a major effort in the January event. However, this year, it fell on the same weekend as the ARRL RTTY Roundup and I had to chose. There is always next year. March: WIQP (Final Score) QSO’s: 161 Mult’s: 50 Score: 17,850 with the 1.5 low power multiplier Op Time: 4.5 Hrs Comment: An improvement over last year’s score which took first place among Indiana stations. May: Indiana QSO Party (Final Score) QSO’s: 437 Mult’s: 131 Score: 94,320 Op Time: 11 Hrs Comment: Second place for single op, low power. More QSO’s and a higher score than last year but WT9U had a great day. The log was also submitted for the 7QP and NEQP. May: 7th Call Area QSO Party (Final Score) QSO’s: 92 Mult’s: 54 Score: 13,068 Op Time: 11 Hrs Comment: Run concurrently with the INQP. This effort was good for first place for low power Indiana stations (fourth year in a row, even came with a plaque this year!). May: New England QSO Party (Final Score) QSO’s: 122 Mult’s: 39 Score: 8,307 Op Time: 11.5 Hrs Comment: First place for Indiana low power stations! June: Field Day, Op at W9LDX (Final Score) QSO’s: 1,584 Score: 6,066 Comment: This score was good enough for 5th place in the nation in 2011 and first place in Indiana for 1A stations.. July: RAC Canada Day (Final Score) QSO’s: 37 Mult’s: 7 Score: 1,806 Comment: A considerably smaller effort than last year, but still took first place world for 40M. October: ILQP (Final Score) QSO’s: 193 Mult’s: 78 Score: 21,483 Comment: This score was good for 1st place Indiana and 7th in the country. November: SS CW (Final Score) QSO’s: 635 Mult’s: 78 Score: 99,060 Comment: The 3rd year in a row to break the 100K raw score barrier. I had tentatively decided to sit this one out. But, 2011 saw a rule change to create both a low power and high power class in Unlimited. This change gave me the chance to move from being an also ran to a serious competitor, and I won the Indiana certificate. Woo Hoo! November: SS Phone (Final Score) QSO’s: 136 Mult’s: 74 Score: 20,128 Comment: Just horsing around. But, still good enough for first place, Indiana, low power unlimited. ARRL 160 (Final Score) QSO’s: 208 Mult’s: 46 Score: 19,044 Comment: What’s the point of having an antenna that tunes on 160 unless you use it from time to time? This was a QRP entry and ended up taking First Place for the Indiana section.
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2011 Contest Results