All scores are claimed scores unless otherwise noted. January: ARRL RTTY Round Up (Final Score) QSO’s: 871 Mult’s: 92 Score: 78,476 Op Time: 16 Hrs Comment: Once again, more Q’s and mults than last year to produce my all-time high score in this contest. Resulting in first place Indiana and 4th place Central Division for low power stations. January: NAQP CW (Final Score) QSO’s: 779 Mult’s: 179 Score: 139,441 Op Time: 10 Hrs Comment: I had never broken the 100,000 point barrier in this contest. I smashed through it this year. Really felt good. This score was good for second place among Indiana stations January: NAQP SSB (Final Score) QSO’s: 168 Mult’s: 66 Score: 11,088 Op Time: 4 Hrs Comment: A multi-two effort (my first ever from my home QTH) with Andy, KC9UWQ, who is now K9ELF. Our operating time was limited to the first 4 hours of the contest. March: WIQP (Final Score) QSO’s: 83 Mult’s: 44 Score: 8,712 Op Time: 2 Hrs Comment: Traditionally an important contest for me, but this year’s running had to compete against a beautiful day and the contest lost. Still won the first place, Indiana certificate. April: FLQP (Final Score) QSO’s: 249 Mult’s: 96 Score: 82,560 Op Time: 10 Hrs Comment: I started out thinking I would just work a few stations as a warm-up for the impending Indiana QSO Party. But, conditions were good, activity was high, and before I knew it I had spent 10 hours in the chair. This score was good for 1st place among Indiana stations and 12th place, USA (mixed mode, low power). May: Indiana QSO Party (Final Score) QSO’s: 502 Mult’s: 162 Score: 133,002 Op Time: 12 Hrs Comment: A multi-multi effort with K9ELF (ex-KC9UWQ). A good effort and lots of fun but there were anotwo other multi-multi stations active that had a higher score. The day before the test I noticed my 80M horizontal loop had broken and parts it were laying on the roof. We used it anyway but could tell that the performance was down. May: 7th Call Area QSO Party (Final Score) QSO’s: 154 Mult’s: 61 Score: 25,254 Op Time: 12 Hrs Comment: A multi-multi effort with K9ELF (ex-KC9UWQ), run concurrently with the INQP. This score was good for 1st place US multi- multi for non-7’s. May: New England QSO Party QSO’s: 139 Mult’s: 44 Score: 9,724 Op Time: 9 Hrs Comment: A multi-multi effort with K9ELF (ex-KC9UWQ), run concurrently with the INQP. NEQP has only an unofficial multi-multi category and this score was good for first place US. . June: Field Day, Op at W9LDX (Final Score) QSO’s: 2,700 Score: 9,080 Comment: Our best ever QSO and point total. We were: #1 Indiana 2A, #1 Indiana overall, #1 Central Division 2A, #5 Central Division overall, #16 2A overall, #17 overall. July: RAC Canada Day (Final Score) QSO’s: 140 Mult’s: 13 Score: 10,322 Op Time: 4 Hrs Comment: My customary 40M effort, resulting in my highest score ever and first place World. This was also a Golden Log. July: NAQP RTTY (Final Score) QSO’s: 394 Mult’s: 139 Score: 54,766 Op Time: 8 Hrs Comment: Team SMC# 1 (N9CK,K9CT,W9IU,K9WX,AL9A) finished 3rd! I had planned a full time effort, but pooped out after 8 hours. Shortly before the contest I erected an Alpha-Delta DX-CC multiband dipole to replace the defunct 80M loop. There were times the dipole seemed to perform well and times it seemed to not perform. Will need to get a few more contests under its belt before deciding if the antenna is a keeper. One thing for sure: the AD tunes WAY high in the 80M band, which probably reduces its effectiveness for 80M digital and CW. August: NAQP CW (Final Score) QSO’s: 253 Mult’s: 98 Score: 24,794 Op Time: 4.5 Hrs Comment: Four hours in the middle of the contest were lost to a family commitment but a major storm blew through at this same time so, in reality, I probably didn’t lose too much. When I got back on at 0200Z, however, the residual static from the storms was really nasty, especially on 80M. Since I was had only committed to a part time effort, I shut ‘er down early. I had added a bit of wire to the Alpha-Delta DXCC’s 80M section prior to the contest and, despite only being able to make 24 QSO’s on 80M, I felt the performance of the antenna on this band was improved from the July NAQP RTTY. September: CW WW RTTY (Score is Final Score) QSO’s: 293 QSO Points: 467 Mult’s: 104 Score: 40,456 Op Time: 8.25 Hrs Comment: A 40M single band, low power, unassisted effort. Second place USA. October: ILQP QSO’s: 101 QSO Points: 149 Mult’s: 46 Score: 6,854 Op Time: 2.25 Hrs Comment: About half the QSO’s compared to last year’s effort. Apparently I forgot to submit my log. November: SSCW (Final Score) QSO’s: 629 QSO Points: 1258 Mult’s: 81 Score: 101,898 Op Time: 16 Hrs Comment: SWEEP! Or, at least I thought so. Lost a couple of mults after the log was scored. Still managed to take first place in the Indiana section for SO Unlimited Low Power. November: SSPH (Final Score) QSO’s: 244 QSO Points: 488 Mult’s: 83 Score: 40,504 Op Time: 7 Hrs Comment: SWEEP! I had not planned on operating much but nailed NT (my usual Nemesis) late Sunday afternoon to leave me needing only 4 stateside sections. Finally nailed SC about 0030Z and shut down after just a few more QSO’s. I won the 2011 SS Phone low power unlimited for the Indiana section with a score that was about half of this 2012 score. But, in 2012, W9IU had a better day to take first place for IN U low power stations.
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