All scores are claimed scores unless otherwise noted. January: CWOps CWT 1300Z January 3 QSO’s: 53 Mult’s: 52 Score: 2,756 Op Time: 30 minutes Session 1 for 2018.  Still on my program to avoid cluster spots, call history etc. to minimize the use of operating crutches and force me to copy 100% of what is sent January: CWOps CWT 1900Z January 3 QSO’s: 13 Mult’s: 13 Score: 169 Op Time: 10 minutes Session 2 for 2018 January: CWOps CWT 300Z January 4 QSO’s: 37 Mult’s: 36 Score: 1,332 Op Time: 20 minutes Session 3 for 2018.  One of the very rare days when I operated all 3 CWTs. January: ARRL RTTY Roundup QSO’s: 1,086 Mult’s: 98 Score: 106,428 Op Time: 20:45 My highest QSO total ever in any contest, and a higher score than last year's Round Up.  More QSO's, more mults, what's not to like about how I spent the weekend?  My biggest improvement was in the number of DX multipliers.  I tracked my score on line and prefer the format used by as they separate the assisted and the unassisted categories.  I operated unassisted but, looking at the early returns on 3830, it seems like I might have placed higher overall had I operated with assistance as the scores in that category seem to be smaller.  One of the things I like about the Round Up is you don't have to have big antennas to post a big score as there is nothing gained by running Europeans one after the other as is the case with CQWW, for instance.  Mults count once, not once per band, and all QSOs count for the same point total regardless of where the station is located.  So after you work that first station from France and that first station from Indiana, thereafter you can tune right past all the weaker French stations and work the louder Indiana stations first.
2018 Contest Results
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