All scores are claimed scores unless otherwise noted. CWops CWT Sessions Worked: 15 January: ARRL RTTY Roundup QSOs: 1050 Mults: 86 Score: 90,300 Op Time: 19:55 Exactly the same number of domestic mults as last year but 10 few DX mults, so an overall lower score.  Confusion around the off time requirement abounds and may have kept me from winning the plaque for the Central Division. January: NAQP CW (Final Score) QSOs: 722 Mults: 172 Score: 124,184 Op Time: 9:30 Fourth place for Indiana stations and 14th in the Central Division.  Things went well and I ended up with a great score despite the lousy sunspot situation.  The ability to snag some precious mults on 15 and 10 made the difference. January: NAQP SSB QSOs: 300 Mults: 119 Score: 35,700 Op Time: 6:55 Stayed in the chair a bit longer than is typical for me for a SSB contest.  February: ARRL DX CW QSOs: 238 Mults: 112 Score: 79,968 Op Time: 5:00 Operated in order to log as many CWops members in as many countries as I could.  An added bonus was great prop on 80 and 160 Friday night, allowing me to work 15 new Challenge slots there, plus one on 40m.  Decided to call CQ late Sunday morning on 20m and quickly got a taste of the fresh meat phenomena, challenging my pileup skills to the max. 
2019 Contest Results
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