All scores are claimed scores unless otherwise noted. January: ARRL RTTY Roundup QSOs: 1254 Mults: 94 Score: 117,876 Op Time: 22 hours My best ever score for this contest. More QSOs than last year but one fewer mult. Should once again be good for first place Central Division but this year in the low power category. January: NAQP CW (final score) QSOs: 859 Mults: 168 Score: 144,312 Op Time: 9.5 hours QSOs and mults up from last year. With just enough activity on the high bands to make it interesting. Managed to run the bands with K9SE. Ran out of gas and could not operate the last 30 minutes. January: NAQP SSB (final score) QSOs: 274 Mults: 98 Score: 26852 A slight improvement from last year. But still a phone contest. Meh. January: BARTG RTTY Sprint QSOs: 301 Mults: 56 Score: 76,755 Op Time: 9 hours My first significant effort in this contest in years. February: XE RTTY QSOs: 246 Points: 618 Mults: 68 Score: 42,024 Op Time: 3.5 hours Another contest I had not operated for years but seized this pandemic opportunity. There were 21 XE mults worked, not a bad showing based on my memory of previous years. February: CW 160 QSOs: 522 Pts: 1166 Mults: 58 Score: 67,628 Other than having fun, was looking at this as an opportunity to pad my CWops ACA and CMA totals. February: CW 160 QSOs: 522 Pts: 1166 Mults: 58 Score: 67,628 Other than having fun, was looking at this as an opportunity to pad my CWops ACA and CMA totals. Missed the WPX RTTY and the ARRL DX CW due to a Florida vacation (yes!). February: NAQP RTTY QSOs: 607 Mults: 118 Score: 71,626 Decent operating conditions on 40 and 80, but activity on the higher bands was disappointing which led to a low mult total. And, of course, this contest does not include 160, which also affects the mult total, at least compared to the NAQP CW. 100,000 points is hard to achieve with a station like mine. March: WIQP QSOs: 103 Mults: 46 Score: 12,834 The WIQP organizers do a commendable job of stimulating mobile activity, so that if you stick with the contest for any appreciable length of time, you can work a lot of multipliers. April: FLQP QSOs: 42 Mults: 28 Score: 4,536 The annual warmup for the INQP. All QSOs were made operating from my car while parked in the driveway using the same setup I would use a week later for the INQP. Unfortunately, the FLQP does not include 80 meters, so I was unable to test for efficacy on that band. May: INQP QSOs: 675 Mults: 83 Score: 110,224 In 2020 the mobile category was suspended due to COVID-19 so it was nice to get back on the road. Thanks again to XYL Kathleen for driving. We activated 7 counties as a mobile (White, Carroll, Cass, Clinton, Boone, Montgomery and Tippecanoe) and then I parked for a couple of hours each on two different county lines: Fountain/Warren along with Benton/Tippecanoe. So a total of 10 counties were activated. Some parts of the mobile route had horrendous band noise due which seem to come from power lines and the occasional wind turbine. There were sections of Boone County where I had big pileups but was unable to work anyone due to a combination of band noise and the fact that all stations were zero beat. The county line operations were intentionally scheduled to coincide with the start of the NEWQP in order to maximize my rate and this proved to be somewhat, effective, although it seems that, as a rule, the New England Stations are much less likely to reply to an INQP CQ than the 7QP stations. As of May 16 it appeared I had the highest score of any in-state INQP mobile. One other impression of note: it appeared that, this year, the NEWQP operators were more interested in capturing my actual county in the exchange rather than just capturing “Indiana.” I also made a more concerted effort to work some phone to improve my multiplier total. Did better, but the 40 meter Hustler antenna just can’t do much on the phone section of the band when it is tuned for the CW section of the band. May: 7QP QSOs: 76 Mults: 36 Score: 7,632 May: NEWQP QSOs: 44 Mults: 24 Score: 2,064
2021 Contest Results
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