All scores are claimed scores unless otherwise noted. January: ARRL RTTY Roundup (Final Score) QSOs: 1104 Mults: 91 Score: 99,827 Op Time: 22:10 hours I lost only 7 QSOs (and zero mults) to log checking, a phenomenal 0.63% error rate. But it was enough to reduce my final score to under 100k. Bummer. A third place finish for W/VE and first place for the ARRL Central Division (including a very nice plaque sponsored by SMC) and first place for Indiana. January: NAQP CW (final score) QSOs: 859 Mults: 168 Score: 144,312 Op Time: 9.5 hours This is a GOAT for me for this contest, surprising as it comes on a day when my CW copying skills and typing skills were abysmal. Was it just my imagination, or were the CW wpm speeds faster than usual? There were times that I gave up trying to do SO2R because, between the high rates (which I take to mean participation was high, a good thing) and the high wpm, I had to focus all my attention on the run radio. The quiet bands were a nice positive. I found 15 and 20 had very localized prop early in the contest. I could work ME and NH but not VT or MA. Later in the contest, the prop shortened up and I logged an entire new batch of mults on these bands. 25 mults on 15 is unusual for me. I found 50 unique SMC calls in my log including all 4 of my SMC Bobsledding teammates. Managed to run the bands with K9SE. Ran out of gas and could not operate the last 30 minutes.
2022 Contest Results
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